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How to Add Torrent Downloader to Windows Firewall Exception?


Being in a firewalled state not only cuts into the potential speed you could be attaining when not firewalled, but also means you are of very limited use to other peers in the swarm. Essentially, peers who are not in a firewalled state have the potential to connect to many more sources of data. Under your permission, Torrent Downloader Free can add an entry to the Windows firewall exceptions list, letting it bypass the Windows Firewall. Of course, this works only when you have enabled Windows Firewall.

Add to Windows Firewall Exception

Click "Basic Options" and in "Port Mapping" tab, you can see the option "Add Windows Firewall exception". Tick this option and click "OK". This option is ticked by default and we suggest you keep it that way.

Add to Windows Firewall Exception

If another firewall is present, you will still need to configure it properly to allow Torrent Downloader Free to access the Internet.

Removing yourself from being in a firewalled state does not mean you have to get rid of your firewall entirely. The only requirement is that you allow the application you wish to be unfirewalled in to listen to the port they want to through the firewall. Technically, there is no risk in opening a port on your firewall for Torrent Downloader Free.

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